Athletic Development 2.0 -
Optimizing Interoception

2.5 Hours Online-Seminar

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What is it About?

If you have the feeling that you can never reach your full performance or that you can never optimally adapt to training; if you are plagued by listlessness, pain or digestive problems, then this online seminar is exactly the right thing for you!

In short, it's about optimizing those neural instances that control your interoceptive system - the instances that regulate heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, digestion, etc. during any physical exertion.

If your central nervous system (CNS) cannot optimally tune this engine to athletic tasks, it will be difficult to perform at full capacity!

The goal of the online seminar is to increase athletic performance and optimize training adaptations.

The Role of the Interoceptive System

Through interoception, we register what is happening inside the body via a variety of receptors. Based on this information, our central nervous system adjusts vital functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing rate, digestive activity, and much more to meet current requirements and needs without our awareness.

For optimal performance in sports and training, the regulation and adaptation of these systems under fast-changing conditions must function as well as possible!

If our central nervous system receives clear and reliable information from the interoceptive inputs, good regulation is possible. If this is not received, our CNS does not have an optimal basis for the regulation of those functions that are so important for our performance, which can manifest itself through performance losses, pain, and much more!  

Neuroathletik im Sport

In this online seminar we will find out how we can specifically optimize and train our interoceptive system based on neurological principles.

What are the contents of the seminar?

  • How interoceptive training can improve athletic development
  • Why interoception is THE #1 TOOL for improving warm-ups, performance, and athlete rehabilitation
  • The structure & function of the interoceptive system
  • The role of the vagus nerve & insular cortex in improving performance & optimizing the body's internal systems (respiration, cardiovascular, digestion, etc.)
  • Assessments & drills to activate the vagus nerve & insular cortex
  • The role & specific activation of the vestibular system in interoceptive regulation
  • Respiratory training & isometric training to optimize interoception
Neuroathletik für mehr Leistung im Sport

What does the online seminar cost?

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we are offering the seminar at a reduced price of €199 (regular price €299).

Do you have further questions?

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