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Neuro Online Seminar: Breathing Neurology and Post-Covid Syndrome Recovery

This 3-Hour In-Depth Zoom training helps coaches, physios, PTs, trainers, and athletes improve their clients' athletic performance and recovery from COVID-19 or Post-Covid Syndrome by utilizing advanced neurological assessments & exercise. 

However, before recovery can successfully be completed, it's vital to understand how breathing and the body's internal environment play a role in performance and recovery. 

On this training you will learn the neurology that will take performance to the next level, and you will walk away with the assessments and exercises to help your athletes and clients get back to their best performance as quickly as possible.

All of these issues are closely related to the function of your nervous system and a specific brain area called the Insular Cortex. Its job is to manage your warm-up and readiness for exercise, increase your connection to the physical body, minimize pain responses, and allow high-level performance to happen. 

Breathing is the easiest way to access this brain area - so the breathing neurology of this webinar will help you learn to address these issues and more by working with your Insular Cortex and improving its function. 

Because it is based on over 40 combined years of experience with applied neurology, this training is the fastest, most effective way currently available to get people turned around and back on the path to high performance. If they don't learn this information and overcome the Long-Hauler, Post-Covid Syndrome, the setbacks and delays to their health and athletics may be so great that they never fully recover.